Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OK let's try this again

Ok so I post only once in a great while and I really want to keep this thing going so I am giving it another go. I would say there is not much going on around here, but I think I would only say that because I do not have time to say anything else. The boys have started their first year of Little League. It is very time consuming, but heck so are kids so what's the difference right? They are in two different age groups so they have thier own practices and games. It use to be that Alex practiced Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday at noon. Zach was on Monday and Wednesday with Saturday morning. Now games have started. We spent 12 hours at the park last Saturday. Opening ceremonies were at 10, Zach's game was at 1:30, and Alex's was at 5:30, or actually I should have said they were scheduled for those times, they were not really at those times. We left the park after 8, we were all wiped out. Niether team is really that great, but both have great coaches. They really try to make sure all kids understand what is expected, they just both have quite a few kids who have never played ball before. I will work on getting videos of the boys playing and post them.

We are going on a family vacation the week before Easter. We leave the evening of April 3rd to get to my mom's. In the morning we will head to the Grand Canyon. Then we will spend a couple days with my uncle in Tuscon, then on to Sea World for two days. We will end our time at my parent's house for Easter. I am still working on getting the horses after that. I hope to bring the truck and trailer home from there with horses. We will see.

Sorry this post is kinda boring with no pictures, but I had to get started someplace.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow day

Boy I have not had a chance to write on here for some time. I do not have great internet service at home so posting pictures is difficult. I brought my computer to work today so that I could work on it after I was off. We had snow on Sunday and Monday. Today it is beautiful! Sun is shinning, blue skies, and white snow everywhere. I took a picture from one of the office windows that over looks the - what normally is the grass field. That will have to wait though because I did not bring down my camera cord to download the picture. I should have gotten a picture of the pond this morning too, it was a wonderful sight. Sure is funny how my outlook on this weather has changed. I use to absolutely hate the cold.

This was taken when the snow first started. It had only been snowing here a couple hours. Just a light dusting compared to what we really got.

Our poor snow dog does not really like the snow. She thinks she should be in the house with the rest of us. She is getting too old for this.

Zach and Toby playing in the deep stuff. The dogs really had a hard time staying on top of the deep areas. They would get carried away and jump in then fight to get out.

Chloe likes running in this stuff. Oh wait Chloe likes running. She is such a nut.

Tahoe and Alex running down the hill. The dogs loved the plowed areas.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our newest addition

Well I was doing some running from work to the vet, back home and back to work. Nothing was going as planned. So as I pull into the driveway I was pleasantly surprised to see this new addition. She is out of mom's Chincoteague Pony and by the same grulla stud that two of my babies are by. Rain is such a great momma, but both her and the baby are not nice to me. Mom acts like she is going to do something to me and baby runs from me. She does not run from my mom. she runs to my mom, and my son can pet the baby. I was the first one there after she was born and I get the cold shoulder. That is ok she is so stinking cute to look at. We, ok I, was so surprised to see a grulla. Yes the stud was homozygous for Black, but I know nothing about the genetics of the pony. And this stud now has three foals on the ground and all three have dun factor. He did a good job.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

And pictures of hte others

Ok Cricket is very difficult to get pictures of. I will have to admit that she seems to have had a growth spurt and lost a little fat in the process. I asked dad to throw her a little extra. She may need to come in the barn and get some Strategy or Safe Choice. She has a little mud in her mane from the rain we had last weekend, so she looks a mess. She does though have a wild mane even when it is clean.

These are the yearlings that were trying to stay out of Jessie's way. The one that is easier to see is Lilly. Her dam is a smutty buckskin, sire is black, want to guess on Lilly's color? We give up, but leaning towards smokey black. We plan on color testing her, just have not done it yet.

The horse in the middle is Gen, her dam is smokey black, sire sorrel. We will take any guesses on her color also. I forget what her foal color was. They are pretty yearlings.

Indi one month old

Yes that is a piece of twine in her mouth and yes the stinker ate it. Now I guess she is on close colic watch. I let mom know that there was twine in her pen and hope they will watch closer now. But while it was dangling from her mouth she was playing with it. It was funny to watch her with it. I even have a short video of her lounging around the pen with it still in her mouth. She would not let go of it.
Just love this little butt, but I think I have already said that once. She is also shedding around the eyes, and it looks pretty bay color to me, she may not have the creme gene after all, but that is ok I still love her. I love bays, and I really wanted a horse with dun factor so bad, so here she is.
Kind of funny how all three of my foals have the same pose in every picture I take of them, regardless of their age. They just have a look that is them, not a fluke.

Rico - 3 and a half weeks old

Rico is still looking the same, thick little boy. He is about 3 and a half weeks here. He does not leave his mom's side if anyone is out there. When he thinks no one is watching he runs like crazy also.

Later's update

Whoa, watch out for that fence. This boys loves to run and play, but mom says morning is his best time.

I noticed all these bite marks on his but and kept blaming Jessie, she use to be next to him, but I actually saw his mom doing it. When he goes to nurse she bites him. It is weird. She bites him a couple times then lets him nurse. Not sure what is up with that, but he does have a creep feeder available to him.

I can never get a good picture of him just standing. He really is not this funny looking. He is shedding around the eyes and it is a little darker. My real plan was to turn him out with Rico, the grulla colt, but that dam is a little protective still and Shila can not run away to protect herself.